This blog is entirely personal and the views I express here are my own. Essentially it’s just me having a good whinge about the things I like to have a good whinge about. It’s mostly about politics because that’s the kind of sad anorak I am, but I’ll occasionally feel the need to scribble something about sport or popular culture if that’s what exercises me at any given moment.

Politically I would describe myself as a social democrat with strong liberal leanings, and this is why I left the Labour Party in 2001, joining the Lib Dems four years later. I’m sceptical about the coalition, but it can’t be much worse than the wasted New Labour years or the even worse Tory government that preceded it. If you don’t like any of that then I’m sorry, but perhaps you’d be better off here or here or somewhere else entirely.

I always endeavour to publish every (non-spam) comment placed here without editing or sifting of any kind and I try to give contributors the last word in any debate.

Jeremy Rowe